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December 17, 2010
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Super Mario 25th Anniversary. by NurBoyXV Super Mario 25th Anniversary. by NurBoyXV
UPDATE 2013: [link] :star: Google Image TOP 10 Row! :star:
Feel Free 2 Colour It! :la: (But make sure you Credit Me 4 the linework) ;)

*Artwork was drawn using a Gripper gel pen
*Picture frame was done using Photoshop CS2, & FireworksMX for pixels
*Actual image size: A4

Two months of planning & drawing, and It's finally been done to celebrate
:star::star::star::star::star::star::star:Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary:star::star::star::star::star::star::star:
************A game that was released in September 13th, 1985************

You would believe me for saying that I had many, many memorable experiences of joy playing this phenomenal game & also the later series, but I can not express everything in words,
so instead..
here's what these two inspired game developers had to say about this ONE Important Video Game that re-shaped the industry for what it is today.
- Interviewed in 'Nintendo Power Magazine' of November 2010.

:iconsonicchaseplz:By YUJI NAKA, Co-creator of Sonic The Hedgehog;
"I have alot of fond memories of the NES. I think I brought most of the games that were released for the system. [Laughs]
If I had to pick a favourite, though, I'd probably go with Super Mario Bros. And actually, that turned out to be a very important title for me.
Back then, games didn't allow you to save your progress. So when you wanted to play Super Mario Bros., you always had to start from World 1-1.
You could use the Warp Zones to skip many of the other levels, but you always had to play through World 1-1.
Doing so eventually became kind of tedious , so I always tried to get through the level as fast as I could.
And that inspired the initial concept for Sonic The Hedgehog.
Actually, the first project I worked on at SEGA was a game for the Famicom [the Japanese version of the NES].
But it was right about the time that SEGA decided to enter the console wars, so the game was never released. I would love to publish it one day, though.
Now that we have things like Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console, maybe it'll finally be able to see the light of day."

:iconsnakeplz:By HIDEO KOJIMA, Creator of the Metal Gear Solid series;
"With the creation of Super Mario Bros., Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto not only altered the future of gaming, but actually changed the concept of "value" for all forms of entertainment.
And, in the process, changed my future-leading me to become the game designer I am today.
Using just two simple actions -run & jump- this game managed to capture the thrill and adventure of "exploring a world" in virtual form. For this AMAZING feat, I feel the game truly deserves to be hailed as one of mankind's greatest inventions.
The game's design, sense of fun, interactivity, and cerebral philosophy have made it the forefather of EVERY GAME that has come since, and of EVERY GAME yet to come.
Super Mario Bros. is equivalent to the Big Bang of our gaming universe.
If it were not for this blindingly spectacular creation, digital entertainment as we know it today WOULD NOT EXIST.
Mr. Miyamoto, thank you for giving birth to Super Mario Bros."

"I couldn't have said it better myself, Kojima-san"

If you guys still have Super Mario Bros., then please, PLEASE experience this masterpiece again, from beginning to end. Enjoy it. :D :peace:..
And may Mr. Miyamoto-san die proud for his innovations & artistic achievement in the field of entertainment. :iconsoniclaplz:
And yes;
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Very unique and original pievce of work, as usual in your awesome style.
Its got great vision, love all the characters youve included in the picture. The execution is very good and your skill in drawing these characters is shown in this deviation.
As for originality its a definate 5 star rating, just because i havnt seen deviations in tis style, let alone using all the characters that youve used in this.
Your technique is very good, you have a wonderful style and i hope that you maintain this and keep improving it, well done.
As for impact, i had to give it a 4, just because i think you need to add colour to really make a bang :) not sure how you would colour it but yeah, theres my challenge.

Well done, good piece of art!
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Wow this is simply amazing. I love how you've incorporated all the different elements into Mario himself. All the characters are so cute and you've gotten so many of them into the piece that its just amazing to see. There is also a good balance between cute and serious which is a hard balance to achieve. I like how the portrait and the Pikachu are almost two different styles but both look right at home in their places on the work. This is an amazing tribute to Nintendo and Mario :D The only thing I would say is the border being color somewhat takes away from your work, which is the main focus. Also because it's a lot more simplistic than the focus it detracts from the piece a little bit. If somehow this was in color...I'd be amazed. But as it stands even without color this almost feels like it has color by the different methods, strokes and line weights you've used. Wonderful job :D
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mONSTER mARIO is Cool to his Goomba Spiky Fellah, here! LOL
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